Monday, December 05, 2011

Goony Adventures In Second Life #SL

It has been a while since i last posted a Goonies Adventure on my blog, 
so here is a quick run down of the places we have visited in Second Life in the past view months before i write a special post about Linden Realms….

One of the hardest things i'm having to deal with on Escapades Island is how to organise the Groups. First there was the Goonies group, then came the homestead called Goony island, then came the Full Sim Escapades witch welcomed everyone not just Kid Avatars, then came the MyEscapades group. 

Now the Goonies is a separate group of adventure and its closely tide to Nemo Beach which is part of Escapades. But it's a kid avatar only group essentially and not suitable for everyday stuff regarding escapades island.

The only solution is to start treating MyEscapades as the main group for notifications etc, which means getting rid of surplus members of the gooneys group and getting everyone to join MyEscapades for updates on escapades activities. This could end up being mildly disruptive but needs to be done.

Anyways on with the adventures starting with….

COCOON-Hope - July
Very odd place this, a real arty place to explore starting at an old school bus. We discovered elephants, strange TV screens and a giant walking… thing… A dreamscape.

Folkvang - August
This was a PROPER adventure and i recommend EVERYONE go here to play Frejas Quest. You have to follow the clues and unlock the treasure chests. This was brilliant as not only dd you get free viking armour and jewellery you also were taken to the mythical land of the ice giants via a boat tour. All the Goonies were VERY impressed with this place which at the start did not seem all that much. Great example of how BIG adventures can be had in small places.

Haunted Hotel in Bay City? - October
As is tradition the Goonies went on a mission to photograph ghosts as part of the october season. We first visited a Haunted hotel, i can't remember the name of. It was full of ghosts or at least spooky goings on. I even got a free tricycle!
After the hotel was swept for ghosts, the Goonies then headed over to a haunted castle where i found a rather awesome spiral slide WEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

Some sort of Library & Bonifacio - November
The first place i can't remember the name of, It was an interesting arty place similar to Cacoon Hope but this place had a great big library with waterfall inside. 

We then ventured to a place called Bonifacio where the tall buildings with light reminded me of the film Tron. We finished the adventure by getting on my Airship and looking for my brother who was somehow stuck int he floor .. again..... then we crashed and the adventure was over LOL.

My little brother Gemini loves to get melded with ground.

So now we are up to date on the Adventures of the Goonies. We next visited Linden Realms but ill blog about that in my next post!. Soon it will snow on Escapades and with it more tom foolery from the SL Goonies gang of misfits!

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