Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Updated my Loki Blog at last #SL

It's been a while since i updated my Loki Blog. Needed to make it wider and update the images. I also decided to change the name of the blog since it's no longer about the SL Goonies, thats not to say there will not be any SL Goony related tom-foolery in future.

I had a look at the Dynamic Templates Google are offering on Blogger, they were fun but lack customisation and widgets. They seemed ok for the tumblr folk. 

Anyways i decided on just using a basic template with a customised back ground, nothing special. XD

And to finish this short post off, i opened SL to login in today to see myself on the login screen. My Zombie Worm game made front page LOL. Luckily my face was behind a spooky mask :-P

1 comment:

Nalates said...

Nice looking blog. I like the change.

Congrats on making the Destination Guide!!!