Friday, July 01, 2011

The Mind Boggles #SL profiles and augmented virtual reality

I know its apparently not even far along enough to call a BETA, but almost every hardcore SL user has by now seen the my-demo Second Life Facebook parody. I hopelessly tried to hold back my opinions of the new Social Profiles but i looked at it, tried it, communicated to my friends with it and ended up with one simple question… WHY COPY FACEBOOK MODEL AND NOT TWITTER? So here i rant again.... 

TEE HEE you cant see me, cos i'm hiding behind the big white square

I'm excited by new ways to communicate in SL. Since viewer2 was released i've found it impossible to keep up with the cluttered notifications system that pops up briefly in the dark corner then disappears into the messy tiny box that caps at +99.

The new Friends Feed at the moment is a web only affair. In other words you can only access it via the web based profiles that appears slowly in the built in Web viewer. Its basically a website that is laid over the top of your virtual world experience. 

In the Hype days of SL people used to think SL would lead to a 3D internet. 2D websites would be transformed into 3D spaces and it would change how we shopped online. Instead we saw the mobile market blow into the next revolution and along with that came augmented reality, bringing a sort of virtual world experience to the real world. In the mean time the 3D internet is still ways off. Perhaps the 3D internet will derive from augmented reality, or maybe it will come from Virtual worlds like SL, or maybe it'll happen when the two some how collide.

SL can only get to that stage if it keeps being innovative and pushing how we interact and communicate, because i believe virtual world UI and Augmented reality UI are closely linked.

Back to the Social Profiles. I can understand the use of the Web Based overlay for stuff like search, you spend a fare amount of concentration to siv through the results. But for viewing notifications and sending messages i find the Facebook model a mind boggling choice. 

I'm only surprised because the Twitter microblogging model seemed an obvious choice to incorporate into the Side/Slide bar. Who knows, maybe the Viewer2 code monkies are working to implement this as i rant and maybe JUST MAYBE the web profiles friends feed is just a way to keep up to speed with whats going on inworld while im out with only my iPad at hand.

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Galactic Baroque said...

The profiles of newer residents are much sparser than they used to be. I don't like it. That needs to go back to the inworld model.