Sunday, May 08, 2011

#SL Goonies Airforce Glider Training with Gyro.

A week or so ago Tylor invited a group of Goonies to take part in a Goony Airforce training session over the hills of Aero Pines Park.

We spent at least an hour getting to grips with specially modified goony Gliders, flying high above the hills.

higher and higher we went towards the hot sun, and i suddenly became concerned as i remembered the old story of Iccarus.

No one got hurt though and all had a great time. Thanx Tylor for organising a kool relaxing event XD


Nat Merit said...

I may be wrong because I wasn't there, but I'm pretty sure this was arranged by Taylor Muggins and not his Uncle Gyro, wasn't it?

Loki Eliot said...

crap yur right!