Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Who in their right mind would want to develop in #Secondlife #SL

All this experience that i have learnt, all that i can do on this virtual platform, how much is it worth and to who?

Where Facebook allows people to develop apps for its community, we in SL build experiences. Unlike Second life though, Facebooks apps are much easily shared between its community with 'share this' and 'like'. Facebook has good communication and sharing, after all thats what Facebook was built upon.  

Second Life is a platform where 3rd party developers or "residents" can build highly interactive and evolving games & experiences. Why wont second life evolve into the number 1 platform for 3rd party virtual world development? 

Rezzable is one of the bigger names who took Virtual World experiences seriously. They created the grid famous Greenies sim. They left to develop their projects in a space more cost effective and productive. Is that the fait of every resident of Second Life who decides to take development in the platform seriously?

My dreams of making a small revenue from my Experience Developments are crushed by Linden Lab. I want to be an entrepreneur in the new 3D world but i'm hardly encouraged. 

The price of things that wont come.
Price and communication is the two biggest flaws in SL's current state. You might say "oh but what about viewer2!" well its awkward UI and crap communication framework make it part of SL's overall inability to allow users to communicate and immerse into the SL social experience.

High land prices are starting to Kill off entrepreneurs. Where it once worked well, now over time the economic landscape has changed but Linden Lab has not changed its pricing structures to evolve with those changes.

Owning a Region was more like being a caretaker for Linden Lab, coming up with some creative ways make sure LL got their Tier end of the month.
Resident consumers are renting less and less land to live on. Will this effect content creators who build furniture for homes as no one will have land to put it on?

Changing tier prices on its own wont help SL, nor will just fixing communication. Both need to be fixed together in order to maximise Second Lifes growth and development. Lowering Tier could expand land ownership, improve development of engaging experiences. While improved communication will allow users to share and be involved with all thats being built.

This day will come, question is will i still be around to see it :-s. 

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Jodie Arrowmint said...

Hi Loki,
you explain very well what's happening in SL with those graphics. I doubt that reducing the price of tier solves anything, at least not now, with the consumers not willing to pay for anything. In the good old days it would have helped to develop many ideas when at least you could get a revenue for your work, but now for me is money wasted unless you don't mind loose money.
We are in the place that LL wants, this is to invest real money but with no return, ah yeah, those good old days were wonderful.
All movements seem very well planified by LL, to compete and knock out their direct PAYING customer base, they aren't deaf, simply they don't want do to anything that benefits other than themselves.
I wouldn't be surprised if SL however becomes like Twinity, only a few favourite LL friends will be able to market stuffs or own state regions.
It's not also fail of LL, a big part of the sl comunity is adding more trash thanks to their not so fair practices. I don't want to enter in that, because it really matters of points of view, just if you are planing to get a revenue or make some way of living of your work in SL, everybody will be here to stop you, it's very discouraging.