Thursday, February 10, 2011

**EXCLUSIVE** New #SL Destination guide App for iPad

A mobile application to browse, rate and plan places to visit in second life. Taking the destination guide further into social possibilities.
It's Aims.
1) to allow current SL residents to locate and promote their favourite places.
2) to allow none SL users a quick easy guide to the awesome places in SL with tips on how to access these places.
3) Adding a gaming aspect to exploring SL
4) allow further areas for advertising.
What it could do:
The app Will allow residents to create an account if not having one already so as to access the apps features. This is before they even enter download a viewer and enter SL. They can search and find places they are interested in visiting and make a list of places. This gives them purpose to take next step in entering SL.
Residents can rate places they have been to and mark their journeys. They can review places they have been to and publish their favourite places to twitter or facebook.
The Journey Lists could be integrated with SL Profiles so that when you have visited a place, you can update your list on your profile and this will then update to what you see in the App.
You could even recommend places to friends in your SL friends list.

The home screen features the latest places in SL

Your Journeys section lists all the places you have visited
and places you plan to visit in future

You can rate and review places you were impressed with
and recommend them via twitter, facebook and to friendslist

OK so no, there is no new Destination Guide app. This is all spilled from my imagination as some of you know i like to mock up what i think LL could do. A while ago i also did a mock up of a Twitter style integrated message feed, it's purpose to strengthen the communication between the residents of SL and give them the power to promote inside and out of SL.


Aral said...

Loved this idea, it's like a personal portfolio of places you have visited, a collection, similar to the picks tab but allowing more interaction outside SL;
Organizing and planning your SL travels and explorations would give the newcomer a sense of purpose, of not getting so lost in the vast SL world, and it would allow them to better choose the places to visit according to their personal taste; Not to mention it would make it a more smooth experience without lag or teleport issues;
Now, I bet a resident will come up with an app like this sooner than the lab... who knows?

Maria Trombly said...

Most importantly -- add an events section. What are the events happening now -- or happening soon -- that you might be interested in?

Which events are your friends interested in?

What events are your friends planning to attend?

I don't go to Second Life to look at pretty places. That gets old really really quick. I go to Second Life to do things with other people.

This is where Facebook integration would actually make sense -- you can promote the fact that you're planning on attending a particular event to all your Facebook friends, who might then decide to join you in-world.

-- Maria

Deanya Lattimore IFL / Deanya Zenfold ISL said...

You could do this with diigo or some other social bookmarking app -- bookmark the place's profile page (yes extra steps!!! I'm not saying your idea is not better!!!) and then share the bookmark with twitter etc.

I want to be a goonie!!!

agentv said...

...this is right on the mark. Location based services in SL are hot stuff, and an explosive area for growth.

BUT -- it's not that authentic to take us through a whole article that leads us to believe that something exists without saying at the top that this is a pipe dream rather than a shipping app.

Not all of us read completely to the end these days -- and some folks are sharing this without realizing that there's no substance behind the idea yet.

I challenge you to find the folks who can actually implement this. (And CLUE: It won't be Linden Labs). If you build this, we will pay.


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