Sunday, December 05, 2010

Goonies Adventure - Annon, The Gate

I completely forgot to hold the Goonies Adventure on Friday, so we had it on Saturday instead. This month we visited 'Annon, The Gate'. A wonderfully peaceful and remote set of islands with lush green grass covered rocks.

We made our way up the hill towards what looked like an old monastery.

From there we could see another island with huge castle tower on it. Out to sea we could see a pirate ship anchored so we hopped on a boat found by the water and rowed out to it.

After messing about on the boat we headed to the tower.

The tower was HUGE and us goonies walked higher and higher...

We finally made it to the top but instead of walking back down i rezzed the Goonies Airship. We floated down and zoomed around the tower before heading over to the next sim to explore another small island with a rickety bridge. I think thats when we lost Jacob during the sim crossing, poor boy.

We discovered on the island some sort of lighthouse place.

Tepic discovered a diving bell, and thats where the adventure ended. Was a great place to explore!

Hopefully i wont forget the next Goony Adventure :)

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