Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Goony Island will not go up in price again!!!

As my fellow Goonies know, Goony island was under the threat of becoming too expensive a hobby. Linden Lab are trying harder and harder to convince everyone that its a viable platform for serious business while making it increasingly impossible for the social hobby residents to enjoy their virtual projects.

I HAVE TO THANK everybody who has donated to the hefty monthly tier price of USD$95. There has been one or two occasions where i thought it was all over but someone always seems to pop up last minute to save the day. I REALLY APPRECIATE the support and try to put as much effort i can into making the place enjoyable for all it's fans as it means so much to so many people.

It was planned that in July the price for tier would go up AGAIN to USD$125 making it officially a rich mans game. But Thankfully Linden Lab have for some reason decided to hold off the price hike for another year on Homesteads that were purchased before July 1st. This is great news for Goony island and all it's very supportive Goonies :)

Perhaps by next year a major advance in Open Grid technology will allow the Goonies to break free from the lab... but until then we can only shout loud that 'GOONIES NEVER SAY DIE!'

Friday, May 15, 2009

Chapter 6 - The Grand Master sends a message

A group of Goonies were startled to find a hovering angry looking robot in the club house. It starred at them before giving them a recorded message from The Grand master

It seems the Grand Master thinks we have not been able to reform the Goonies after the Twatha Tower ejected nearly all of them. Lets hope now we can reform and be prepared for what ever the Grand Master throws at us next!

The Goonies Weapon CONTEST!

Starting today i am challenging the goonies to bring forth proposals for a Goonies weapon pack. For too long have the Goonies been at the receiving end of Gemini's guns, bomb, missiles and rockets. It's about time the Goonies got some fire power back, especially with the Grand Master threatening to return with his Lizard men.

Weapons must be in true Goonies style. For example, goonies make all their inventions out of things they find in junk yards or parents cupboards. In the film, Data is a classic example using boxing gloves, fake teeth and sucker darts to create amazing inventions that help him overcome peril.

Weapons that fire animals or other creatures will be disqualified. Bright coloured lazer beams and things that explode on impact will be expected :-D

Next month we can test the new weapons on Separatists Castle.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Chapter 5 - Activation of the Tower (ejected goonies read!!!!)

Last night the evil grand master who lives under the island sent a special tower thingy that sent out a radio pulse ejecting goonies from the group and preventing us from joining them again. The tower was blown up leaving just a hand full of goonies left in the group.DO NOT DISPARE, there is an ancient way to join the goonies again.

In the cave under the pirate fort stand on the dock and shout 'I am a goony' maybe the ghost of one eyed willy can help. Also the remaining goonies can help you this old initiation.

With a password, go to the Bone Organ recently discovered behind the waterfall next to Loki's cabin.

Goonies never say die!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Chapter 4 - Rise of the Twatha Tower

Well Bubbles started to appear from beneath the waves. Data had just finished work on the new Goony PS detector when a message rang out...

Goony PS Detector version :1.03
** **
Please state the nature of the emergency :
Strange Phenomena in progress"***

Location : Goony Island :-

Live from Goony Island as Something strange happens

Just after the Tower appeared from the sea the Goony Tranciever intercepted an new signal from Glorb...

Chapter 3 - The Grand Master is far from peachy

After the defeating the Gelatinous Cubes the Goonies Signal machine picked up this rather angrey message between Glorb and the Grand Master....

Later another Signal was recorded from a new player in this saga. A Dr Zappaflan who is making something in a secret lab to destroy the Goonies... EEEP!

Lastly it became apparent that the Island was once again to be invaded after recording another signal from Zappaflan. In it He says the 'Twatha Tower' is ready to deploy. So all Goonies on Alert, it could be a difficult couple of days ahead!!!

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Beltaine Wicker Man - 2009

As is now tradition on goony Island around this time, a wickerman was burnt ontop of the hill on Goony Island. This was to be the 4th time the event has be done and the stability of SL showed when nothing went wrong this time :-).

Beltaine, a year has past, a year of new memories,
of new experiences, new friendships, new ambition

Beltaine, a year has past, a year of new memories,
of hardship, of friendships lost, and of broken dreams.

And we stand here and now at beltaine,
the point where the summer king and winter queen meet and greet.

Reminding us that all experience, wether warming of the heart or freezing of ones soul
are what carves us out of life, and how we CHOOSE to be is what defines us.

So as the wikerman burns, lets remember those we have lost and the experiences we've gained
and now look forward to the summer months with eagerness to learn and do good.

Thanx to everyone who came to this years Goony Beltaine, it was a shame no more than 20 could come thanx to LL's restrictions on Homesteads. Thanx to Jero for his shoutcast stream without which i would not have been able to create the atmosphere needed. Also Thanx to Jimmy for taking photos of the event, which you can see more of HERE!.