Friday, June 12, 2009

SL6B - Here we go again :)

Well so far it has been a very different experience than last year. Those of you who rememeber, Kid Avatars got banned from representing themselves at the event.

This year however LL seem to be getting a whole lot of things right, not only are Kid Avatars allowed to build community exhibits right from the word Go, they even have a well thought up THEME. The theme for this year is 'The Future of Virtual Worlds', and everything there is going to be space aged and futuristic. The whole place is set to Night time so alot of consideration is going to have to be made into the lighting of the builds.

This year i plan to do a build that discusses the possible future of virtual worlds, SL, kid avatars and Opensim with the Exhibit is called "The Prophesies of Sir Thomas Hob".

The Nostradamus was created by Thomas Hobb and sent back in time to enlighten those who are loosing heart in the future of virtual worlds.

Built into the Nostradamus is a virtual OSAv called Tobi who appears as a boy and guides you through the Prophecies.

Along with the Nostradamus there will also be an SLC exhibit hopefully a wonderfull floor covered with many child avatar faces from the SLC group.


Tepic said...

Wow! Sounds fantastic, an really looking forward to seeing the build, hope we have as much fun as at last years! Already got my photo in, so hopefully it will be the same as usual, loads of big AVs walking all over me! hehehe

Phaylen said...

Hi Loki,

Indeed a lot of things are different this year, and thank you for the kind words. I'd just like to add that beyond different, I am truly honored to have you with us once again this year. I look forward to seeing your exibit!