Monday, June 29, 2009

The Future of Second Life is .... a bit boring.....

So yeh, was excited about doing stuff for SL6B. And in the short time i had, built something i thought was interesting and involving. As an after thought created an SLC area with the help of Myrtil, Jimmy Winnie and Sven. Marrianne has made a really nice area too with a kool huge retro rocket :)
We all watched on the gypsy Cove out door screen the opening speech from Phillip, which i cant remember anything of. Tried for ages to get into SL6B sims after the speech but there was a screw up with allowing people in, DOH.

When finally we got to Cryo where my Exhibit was, we found a ghost avatar. A ghost avatar is sumone who has crashed but not been logged out. They stay there for ever untill the sim is restarted, and becos cryo is part of the main stage we had to wait 12 hours to get rid of the ghost. But us being childish, decided to dress the ghost avatar up as a clown.

After looking around a bit at the exhibits..... i got bored. I just felt like SL6B had not proven to anyone that Second life had advanced at all since the previous year. Instead it tried to cover up all the crap about age verifications, open spaces, Grid and asset limitations and Zindra by getting everyone to think about a fantasy world known as the future of virtual worlds.

OK so a futuristic theme was a nice idea but it kinda took the eyes away from what we as a community are currently doing.

I went for a walk around the exhibits with Lugo. There was a lot of borring stuff, but a few interesting exhibits. Truth is that most of these artists have much greater and grander examples of how to use virtual worlds, but cant squeeze them into the small squared out sims of SL6B.

I think next year or even at Burning life all exhibits should really be about showing other residents what YOU do, what your COMMUNITY is all about and WHY YOU keep coming back every single day, because there was nothing at SL6B that represented why i come to SL every day and i think thats the whole point of celebrating SL.

In the end i went back to my island, it's peaceful, its familiar and all my friends are there.

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