Friday, May 15, 2009

Chapter 6 - The Grand Master sends a message

A group of Goonies were startled to find a hovering angry looking robot in the club house. It starred at them before giving them a recorded message from The Grand master

It seems the Grand Master thinks we have not been able to reform the Goonies after the Twatha Tower ejected nearly all of them. Lets hope now we can reform and be prepared for what ever the Grand Master throws at us next!


Tepic said...

The Grand Master is going to invade.... after his afternoon NAP!!!??!! Oh well, guess it gives us time to prepare, find new sources of materials for our weapon designs (errrr.... what do you mean, where has Auntie Mavis's knicker elastic gone..?), stock up on fresh and hard-boiled eggs..

Great fun Loki, thanks!

Demonkid said...
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