Thursday, October 23, 2008

Loki is THREE!!

On tuesday i turned 3 years old, and my friends held a Rez Day party for me which really touched me. The real world me has never had a birthday party after the age of 10 and its amazing how good it makes you feel to have so many people turn up just to celebrate you being around. My typist secretly had a tear or two and was actually a bit Jealous of Loki for a moment, but they are the same person really.

These sorts of days i tend to look back at the year thats past. Since this time last year there has been a lot happening to the Kid Av community, Nemo beach moving to its own Sim, The Goonies Group opening, Sky News debacle, SL5B:Drama, Kids5B, Burning Life, New Babbage Expansion, The TOTAL change in direction by Linden Lab. Big high profile events where we are finally being vindicated and recognised as a unique and important part of the virtual world movement. To understand the Child AV is to realise the virtual environments true powers in creativity, mind and spirit.

Many's the road I have walked upon
Many's the hour between dusk and dawn
Many's the time
Many's the mile
I see it all now
Through the eyes of a child

Thank you everyone who came to my party and to Serv for playing the awesome tunes :) - keep your ears to the ground as there are alot more events happening over the coming months as it is the time of the year for parties :)

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