Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Burning Life 08 - What a BLAST!

"Trying to explain what Burninglife is to someone who has never been to the event is a bit like trying to explain what a particular color looks like to someone who is blind"

ok so i think for most people it was BurningLAG, but those who battled through it were rewarded with the Burning life spirit that i first experienced last year. It really is sumfin special, if only Second Life had that community party atmosphere all the time.

Its different from the other big event SL5B, because SL5B has turned into just a showcase for the Lindens, a pretty boring one at that. Burning life is the residents event, and even though finding a plot of land is hard unless you are one of the Linden 'Chosen Ones' it's still a pretty free to do as you want event. It's a gathering of imaginative residents who want to give all they can give to other residents, to party and have a laugh, expand your ideas and perceptions or just to chill and feel loved.

*The Hay Barn*
So yeah i Made a giant Hay Barn. I was worried at first this concept would be bland an unappealing considering what i had done at SL5B. But as the week unfolded and the events took place, i think people really took to the place as somewhere to feel warm and cosy. The Dragons managed to add that extra bit of SL surrealness thats so important to a kid Avatars experience.

*Open Day*
The First Event to take place was the Milk'n'Kookies show drawing a huge audience and giving the Hay Barn its first major bit of press on the most important Burning Life blog around. I was so thrilled to be Given a Sizzle award, i felt very Proud.

I've since heard that the burninglife.com blog had been critisised by a few and is now being closed down. I think that is awful, its the one place i could go and read what has been happening in Burning life. It's sad and shows there is always out there waiting to spoil things for you in SL, yu just gotta keep fighting past them, becos you owe it to the people who enjoy your work so much.

Bed Time Stories
Wilfric Did Story Telling on the Sunday which was enjoyed by all who attended. Sokmonkey was billed as being the story teller, but her RL called and Wilfric stepped forward to take her place. And he really enjoyed himself, so maybe in future we'll hear more from Wilfrics book shelf :)

The Goonies!
Monday saw a gathering of the Goonies and Friends as they set out to explore Burning Life, making their way around the 22 sims. Looiking at the Mini map you cauld see a sim wide green line of green dots snaking across. The Lag was bad, REAL BAD, and eventually our group dwindled, but we made it all the way around to the centre stage.
And here in video form is the highlights of the adventure...

Gemini's invisible experience
On what was supposed to be my Lil brothers defining moment as the best DJ in Burning Life, he bailed out because of ManFlu (a cold). Luckily Everest Piek and Eyaldon Ember stepped forward to put on a great 5 hour show. Thanks go out to them for making that such a greta night.

The wednesday saw me put on my DJ hat and play 3 hours of chill out music. A few people turned up and we talked alot of rubbish. Other than that it was quite borring LOL. Note to self, dont do a chill out session ever again.....

The Great SLC Pogo Race
Skipping Thursday we held the great pogo race on the friday. Only a minor issue with a prim allocation cock up by the organisers who could not do math, meant the 300 prims i thought i had left to use did not actually exist. This meant i had to watch what i build and in some cases riding green bikes out of the sim to free up prims. Also the scripts in the pogo sticks would not work unless you went up 80 metres in the sky first. Oh the joys of SL's buggy rules.
Anyway to see the race and who won, watch this video. It also includes Kite flying which we did after the race. Was very kool and the kites were amazing, giant surreal things, just what we like to see in Burning Life.

The Burning Of the Kid
Saturday we Burnt the wicker kid. I DJ'd for the first hour before we headed out of the barn to the wicker kid to light it. The DJ Serv played some kool music while the Kid Burned. Gotta say DJ Serv is an excellent and funny DJ, made me laugh out loud at moments. The Atmosphere was amazing and for some it signaled the start of all night partying as later the official Burning Man was lit. Its extraordinary how watching a virtual wickerman burn can be as hypnotic as the real thing, and looking around seeing your SL friends all dancing on bails and around the wickerman, you cant help but feel a good sense of belonging... GOONIE NEVER SAY DIE!
And here is the video of the Kid burning :)....

The End
So with the burning of the Wickerkid on Saturday, it only left on more thing for Sunday, the Burning of the Hay Barn itself. For the Past week it had been my home, and by now i think a lot of friends had become very fond of the barn. We started off with an hour of cool tunes, dancing up in the loft. Suddenly someone had noticed Bert the Big Dragon, whos head had been smiling through the window all week, had vanished!. Then Smoke and flames started to spread up the walls while everyone still danced. Upon exiting the Hay BArn for the fire works display we realised that Bert was now flying above the Barn spewing fire onto the Barn. The Fireworks worked quite well i think, and everyone watched as the Barn started to collapse.
Here is a video of the Burning of the Hay Barn....

As the flames died down all that was left was rubble and that was it for another year, for me at least , Burning life 2008 was over. I have some great memories of the week, and i hope everyone who came to the events at the Hay Barn left with some fun memories also. I like to create stuff that can be experienced, and i hope the Hay Barn was a good one :)

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Tepic said...

Wow! Burning Life at the Barn was really wonderful! It was, Loki, a warm and cosy place, especially warm after Bert threw his tantrum!
I had a lot of fun there, with all the music and activities, just wish I could have been to all of them.

Both the Barn and Marianne's Camp had life and enthusiasm and a sense of wonder throughout the week, something the builders, and the community who came along and joined in, should be proud of.

Can't wait till next year! hehe