Friday, September 12, 2008

Loki Eliot at Burning Life 08

Your Theme Camp proposal has been selected for placement on the Main road (Esplanade) at Burning Life '08. Ya-Hoo! THIS IS FOR REGISTERED THEME CAMPS ONLY

That was the email i got from Dusty Bin Linden after i put forward my Idea for a build at this years burning Life event. If you wernt around for last years event, you can read about last years here!

So what was this idea i put forward which the Lindens approved for the Esplanade? well to put it simply... "An old Hay Barn with a dragon hiding in it." YUp very different from the SL5B project. This time round its all about being wyrd and fun and i'm hopeing all the visitors will walk away with a smile :)


Two weeks left till the event is open to public. I'm working with some great people to try and bring that Kid Avatar Charm to Burning life :) cos we all know everyone envies the fun us kid avatars have!!!!


Tepic said...

Love the preview pics, looking forward to the main event! It's straw hats and overalls all round then, i guess? hehehe

Gemini Enfield said...

Will you be supplying free Wellies, Loki?