Monday, September 29, 2008

The Hay Barn given a SIZZLE on burning life blog

So yeh Burning life has kicked off officially, with events all week. Later im holding a burning life Goony Adventure which im sure ill make a video of. Right now though id like to mention that The Hay Barn got given the first SIZZLE by the reknowned Burning life Blog :). They go around look at builds and decide whats good and whats bollox.

Thanx to all those who went and hung out at the Barn during the M'n'K Burning Life special we were seen as an inspiration and successful community at Burning Life.

Dont forget there are events all week, check out the SLC blog for more things going on at the barn this week!!!

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Tepic said...

The Hay Barn is brilliant, Loki, thanks! But where, oh where, is Brett the Dragon? I've found all the others, had great fun searching for them (didn't have to search much to find Bert, he's kinda hard to miss!), but to have a Dragon still hidden ...... oh! the frustration! hehehe