Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Steam Hill Old Mine House GONE!!!

Last night i got word of a massive explosion on top of steam hill. I rushed to investigate only to find my grandfathers old Mine House Lab totally destroyed still smoking. A thick fog crawled out of the ruins and as i got close a creature leaped out of the mist at me. I had seen these before, HEADCRABS!!! I quickly ran away to a safe distance and called the help of the Goonies in order to get this infestation under control.

The Old Mine was my Grandfathers research lab, the only building left untouched after the original Eliot Device Explosion that left Goony Island in the shape it is now. I know there are things still burried under ground, my only guess is these Headcrabs burst out from under the Mine House.

Until i'm able to block the hole up again all Goonies are helping to keep them under control.

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Tepic said...

Had a look the other day, Loki, difficult to see with all that steam and smoke around. Managed to get a few though!