Monday, June 02, 2008

SL5B and ME (loki Eliot)

A lot has happend so quickly in the past few days. Feelings have run high, friendships strained and leaderships called into question. A week ago i was having fun searching for a Crystal Toe, and right now i was supposed to be working on a fun imaginative build for the SL5B. Instead im at RL work stressed and tired after a weekend of trying to work out whats going on in SL.

As most of you know by now the Second Life Childrens Community has been told they can not contribute to SL5B. Originally when i heard Linden Lab had an issue with us being there was because of our desired cultural name 'second life children'. I thought it would just be as simple as changing to something like 'Second Childhood' or 'Forever Young'. I think Marianne thought the same and we were both completely shocked when we were told we would not be allowed to build at all unless under the name of another community.

It did'nt really settle in for a while. First i was thinking 'dam, all that work i had spent already on it', then i started to realise just what this meant overall and i could not believe it. During the meeting i discussed my concept for my build and in the end i just could not see their being any reason for doing it if i could not put the SLC stamp on it. Im very proud of my community and how responsible they have been over the last few years, and if i cant celebrate that, then there is no point.

People say to me 'why are you rolling over for them?' and this really annoys me. I could say i dont care about any of you and that i dont care what Linden Lab says or decideds to do. What matters to me is the community that i've watched grow each year, and if you are part of that then i guess that means i do care about you. And my decission to not bother to protest at not being allowed to take part in SL5B was based on the fact that i dont care. I still have my friends, our community still thrives in our little pockets of fun sims and i still have goony adventures. As much as i dont like Linden Lab much, the bunch of Noobs they seem to be, i do believe they have genuine concerns and protesting against them will not help them or ourselves at all.

So whats happening now?

In responce to my informative post on the SLC blog a committee has been formed from members of the different groups of the child avatar community. They plan to hold their own Kids Birthday event celebrating 5 years of reliving childhood in SL (Kid5B). This is in fact and Idea me and my brother Gemini had entertained many times in the past 3 years. I remember having an idea of everyone being allowed to leave a 1 prim tent in a tent field with their own texture on it, to give the feel of glastonbury. I imagined id be a lot more involved than i am, but after starting work on the kid5B sim i quickly realised i could not do much. At SL5B it was going to be me building one build and not have to worry about how everyone else looked, after all it was just the SLC i was showing off. But at Kid5B the whole place is MY community and so the whole thing needs to look absolutely perfect and im never gonna be given that amount of control. So i've stepped out of the event and am not taking part.

I've heard that both the original organisers of SL5B have stepped down. I was shocked at SignpostMarv Martin who has put SO much work into that event each year and has given it all up. He has offered support to us and so have many other communities in SL.

the bloggosphere is ablaze with the drama surrounding this years SL5B

The Child Avatar community seem to have a nack for sending waves through the grid of residents. I have to think how did Linden Lab expected us to react to this?
This is going to be a stressful furious month, and i cant wait to just get back to just flying my airship through buggy Sim boarders having goony adventures.


Winne Woodget said...

Awww loki - im soo sad ur no taking part any more.. was very excited of you doing stuff for it.


Geoff Gavaskar said...

Loki! You've been a huge inspiration to me from the day I first met you. And I totally agree that this is freaking upsetting. Its so great that you and the other kids have remained true to your visions of fun and adventure, and I wish the corporation that hosts our world could didn't have the pressures it has on it to's so antithetical to the vision most of us have of this world.

That said, I know we'll have lots more fun, with goofy unexpected things, surprises, dissapointments and triumphs in the weeks, months and years ahead. Will we ever grow up? Gosh, i hope not!

Christoph said...

Loki, it saddens me you're not a part of the project anymore. It's not about making it perfect. It's about making it happen.
"Kids Are United"... that's the name of my little Vortex show - the audience of which raised L$37100 for Kids5B in only 2 hours yesterday. I'm stressed out by all the energy and chaos Kids5B is at the moment, but I'm also kinda proud to be part of it.

Dusan Writer said...
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ninja Kawabata said...

As i stand here watching the filming of the new transformer movie I remember a very important line which was "an Autobot shall rise from our ranks, and use the power of the matrix to light our darkest hour"
I think this time has come.