Wednesday, February 28, 2007

SLC Behaviour Awareness Campaign

Got a meetin gheld with the SLC offivers and a few Kid AV hostpost landowners to propose a new campiagn to make residents who play Kids in SL aware of their actions and how its percieved. Basically the same as i did last year but with more oompff. My bro and i had decided to relaunch a campaign due to the huge numbers of kid avs in SL now.

The campaign is based on an old character from my youth called Charly the cat who used to warn kids not to talk to strangers. We are useing him in SL to give advice to Kid AVs on ways to better behave. So far the idea has been met with good words :)
Never tried sumfin this big before as we're trying to get ALL the community involved, which is hard cos the community is a bunch of misfits hehehe.

We hope residents will think about how they roleplay in SL, a few basic rules and its better for everyone me thinks ;)

Saturday, February 24, 2007


Well the vortex is still going strong. Every week i DJ to a large crowed, so much fun, so many kool people. Thanx to everyone who comes every thursday at 2pm SL time :) :-p Infact two weeks ago the vortex packed out the sim with people having to be turned away... SPIFFING! lets do that more :-D force gemini to have to pay for extra resident quota for the sim tee hee.

The Icarus Class Airship

Finally found some tme to build my own Aiship. As alot of you know im a big steampunk fan and ever since i first arrived in SL ive wanted to make my own Airship. So here it is, the Icarus Class Airship, complete with one click passanger posses on the front and sides for best views when going on Goony adventures. Took me ages to figure out how to script a standing pose... still dunno how i did it... but hey it works, and works well... Im selling them in the Steam lab and at the shop next to the theatre in new babbage for just 400L$ :-)

Now its time to work on a new shop building at nemo beach me thinks...

Nemo and Hawkins bay, Spiffing place to be :)

recent weeks ive noticed ther is always someone at Nemo, this is Kool, im glad alot of you use the place as a home away from home :).

I've arrived to full on beach parties and there is often sumone roasting sumfin on the beach fire :)

I used to have the island as a damage zone allowing there to be peril to watch out for. I was going to have object on the island that would hurt you if you was not careful, bees that sting, plants that spit poison and zombies that puked acid. It never happend though. This was cool for a while but latley people have been coming to the island just to shoot things, and others have abused the freedom of the islands to grief other users becos of differences in opinions. So now Nemo Beach, Gypsy Cove, Hawkins bay and Loki Island are safe zones, leaving Steamhill the only damage zone full of zombies, so be careful ;)

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Old Imperial Hideout Party!!

SO the party kicked off as planned and i was suprised with he ammount that trurned up, very cool, thank you all :). The muster started down in the actual theatre as no one really knew where the hide out was or how to get there. Once i thought we was all there i guided them to the hideout where we danced the night away on Absinthe, green fairies prancing around out heads. DJ Loki with help from brother Gemini privided Music suitable for the occassion which included some cool jazz, spiffing rock and contemporary dance.

At the end of the party the Street Urchins went on mass to explore the streets of New Babbage, causing mayhem and playing pianos.

All in all, a spiffing night and i cant wait to get the gang together again sometime :)

Thursday, February 08, 2007

A view on Kid AV community

This Is the Views of myself on a situation that i feel has gotten out of hand and threatens to hurt my friends in secondlife. This is not the collected views of the SLC officers, this is my concern for my friends in the community i call home in SL.

First off....You all know that I stand as someone who wants fun, and give fun to others. I choose not to get too involved with the adult aspects of SL and if i do you will not hear about it or see it becos its none of your business. As some of you know there are places specially made for ADULT stuff to occur, I dont agree with these places and so do a lot of SLC members. Not only is it a gold mine for the press in and out of SL to talk and rant and create a hate campaign against the whole Kid AV community, it's irrasponsible and destroys a lot of peoples hard work in changing peoples views of Child AV's in secondlife. In the end it is up to YOU what YOU do, but i'd like to hope that you can see how what you do effects your community, and i dont mean the SLC group, im talking about EVERYONE who plays a Kid AV in secondlife.

Secondly.... I'm not about to start a hate campaign to route out all the residents who go to these ADULT places for their Naughty daily FIX. Im not here to tell people what they should be doing, i can only explain my concerns and advise a few ideas that may help you and our community. There are stories of people spying on others in an attempt to find out whos doing the BAD THINGS, swapping info about each other and creating suspicion. Such childish acts are causing INNOCENT people to be hurt, friends are parting company, THIS HAS TO STOP!.

If you want to help your community talk to your friends, advise your fellow members, dont spy on them, dont exchange stories behind each others backs. You are poisoning your community at its core.

The Child AV community has grown huge in the last year, so many of you here for so many different reasons. I hope you all continue to have great fun in your second childhoods, but also think about how you act as a person in SL and how you treat your friends here. Watch out for yourself and watch out for others. Everyone has the chance to be a good kid :-)

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Mystery Assasin

At the weekend sumone started attacking the kids at nemo, we all barracaded ourselves behind barrels for a while before retreating to the Goony Fort where we stood our ground.....