Sunday, November 25, 2007

Setting out from Port Babbage

With windlight in hand i ventured out across the new Vernian sea to see what lay out there amongst the waves

The sun was rising beautifully over Babbage Canal District as i left the port and headed towards the giant light house...

In the distance i could see the light house still blazing its beams to sea and beyond that was that island that so many boys are warned never to approach...

As i passed the light house i could have sworn someone was in the window looking down at my raft, but me being well hard pressed on!

And here is was, the old Island. Who lives there, i dunno... but i bet they is scary and have guns! and BIG DOGS!!!

As i looked up i saw the pirate flag, and that was it , i shat myself and decided best head back and get some mates together for an expedition of this scaryness and danger!

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