Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Nemo Beach Moving?????

Yesterday i had a meeting with many regular visitors of Nemo Beach to discuss the posseblility of moving the place to a new private sim shared with my brother Gemini and long time SL kid Kris.

Under discussion was how it might be moved with as little distruption and change as possible. Also good and bad points were discussed.

For those who did not attend the meeting the plan is to move Nemo beach and surrounding areas such as Hawkins Bay and Gypsy Cove to a new private sim. If i agree then this will happen next year between Febuary and April.

I have compiled a list of Pro's and Con's that came to light during the meeting...

1. Will own the land, have estate control. Means easier to fix any grief problems.
2. Not Anshe Chung dreamland - Means less likely to be targeted for griefing.
3. Will have input on how the entire sim will look - With neighbours i know and trust you will be able to use the entire SIm to fly and explore and not see huge crap buildings that look out of place.
4. I will have Half a sim rather than 1 third. and with that extra land i plan to make another sea front cabin village for those who want a home close to Nemo Beach.
5. With ownership of the land it will be possible to do larger events including festivals.
6. Monthly Tier for the land will be cheaper than what im currently paying Anshe Chung.

1. Will cost me alot to Buy the land first.
2. Might not be able to get it looking exactly like Nemo does now.
3. The combining of the Vortex Club and Nemo Beach might increase LAG.
4. The Sim will be on its own, no ability to fly or sail into other sims.
5. All Landmarks on the web pointing to Nemo Beach will become redundant.
6. If it does not work out, if it becomes one big mess, i cant go back to Sunrise. Plus id have to keep paying for the land until i find someone else to buy it.

Part of me is excited by the prospect, and part of me is very nervous, because change is so frightening sometimes. I am still looking into ways to move Nemo Beach more exactly, packing buildings, transfering terrain maps. I'm also looking into issues with LAG and talking with Kris and Gemini about what they are thinking of doing. I havent said a definite yes yet until i'm absolutely sure about it.

If you have any questions or advice on any of the issues, please feel free to IM me.

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Baron K. Wulfenbach said...

Herr Eliot,

I have not yet been to New Babbage enough to meet you in person, but I enjoy reading your posts here and in the forums.

To further a little trans-oceanic goodwill, I tag you for a word-game.


Klaus Wulfenbach, Baron
Consulate of Europa Wulfenbach