Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Halloween Burning Barrel race and Carousel

For halloween i spent most of my time building for New Babbage. The Dark Victorian Steampunk sim was perfect for the ideas i had for a Tim Burton style story about a boy who was turned into and adult and built a carousel to turn him back. Part of the tale was ripped straight from the childrens book The Theif Lord :-p.

On the night of halloween a great burning barrel race was held in the streets of new babbage. Street kids from all over joined in the race.

Many raced ahead of others, but in the end it was about taking part in the community spirit as it should be around this time. The winter solstice is about communities getting together and having fun as they prepare for the coming winter months.

After the Barrel race some of us went to the carousel only to be attacked by the Angry Jenkins!!!!, Luckily Mr Skusking Dagger tickled him and made him run away lol!

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