Monday, November 12, 2007

Dummie's memory - it maybe a virtual world, but the experience is real

Alot of the time i meet Kid Avs in SL that know more about me than i do them. I do see what i call Kid community regulars, people im aware off but dont really hang out with, I hardly see my small click of goonies so its hard to meet and become good friends with others. But i do see you, and i tend to remember you. Such was the case with one Kid AV called Dummie. His choice of name amused me and although i never really hung out with him, i'd often see him at my DJ Show, or running about my Island. In recent weeks ive heard news of Child Avs disappearing due to Real World illness, and the news of Dummies real world death came as a cold blunt reality check to many of us in SL.

Dummies best friend Caleb and many of those he touched in the metaverse laid tribute to him at Nemo Beach. A touching collection of virtual flowers and caring words to a person who to all of us was just a boy in SL. It makes me think about how many of us in the Kid Av community are here fighting RW illnesses, trying to escape that reality by enveloping themselves in our childish virtual adventures, finding friendships with understanding people and peace of mind. In the end, would it not be great to return to innocence if given the chance?

And with all the controversy following Sky News reports and Mentors clashing over the subject of child avs, this one incident shows me absolutely why Child Avs are important. And its about time this is realised. Until then we're left at the hands of story spinning news reporters and fund grabbing so called public protection centres. They are all after us, because its the easiest way to make money.... i could be wrong though.

Anyway, this post is not about the controversy of being a Kid Avatar, its about a Kid Avatar that wont be visiting Nemo Beach anymore, and the memories many of us have gathered of him. Although virtual, who ever he was in RW, he still touched people around the world and will be missed by many and dearly by the special few.

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