Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Goony Adventure - The great Dino Hunt

So there i was sat infront of the fire when i remembered seeing godzilla at the relay for life sims.

So i grabbed some of the dudes at Nemo Beach and headed out in the goony Icarus Airship to find the great Dinosaur. We flew over the Sims searching high, and low. At one point we thought we had found the great lizard, but alas, it was a small one.

Then Fnally we suddenly were infront of the towering monster.

So i quickly landed the Icarus and we explored the ruined city trodden under Godzillas foot to try and find the best way to capture the dinosaur.

But then Elf said while sat on his head, "He'd cute, lets leave him alone", and i agreed so we all went home.

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