Thursday, July 05, 2007

Underagers in Second Life

More and more people are coming to me with stories of residents stating Real World age being under 18. Linden Lab would like us to report anyone who is underage so they can deal with them. So my advice to anyone who feels they have evidence of an underager is to AR (Abuse Report) Linden lab attaching the evidence. After that its up to Linden Lab to deal with them and this does not mean you have to treat the accused badly from now on.

Some have told me how some residents continually admit to being underage, have AR's submitted about them and yet still are hanging around with no action being made by Linden Lab. I did contact Robin Linden about the case and i got a stern reply asking for ticket numbers of the reports filed.

Some are even starting to think these residents are hunters looking for other residents to STING.

So before this gets out of hand and we all start reporting each other, i want to express a few views i have on it and the future of Second Life.

Our community of Childlike Avatars have been striving for the last year to create a place for ourselves to feel safe. We saw the threat sexual ageplay had on portraying how we play Second Life and we all made great effort to change that, even before Linden Lab announced its new policies. The Majority of Child Avs from what i see aim to regain the innocence and simple life of childhood, games, friends, and adventures. It's in that goal that we have created a series of places that are known to us kid AVs as "SAFE ZONES" where no mature content is accepted.

Daniel Linden has said in an interview that eventually they would like to merge the teen grid with the main grid. To be able to do that first they will need to introduce Land Parcel Flagging that will prevent underage residents from entering mature areas with content not suitable. "They'll just fake their age" i hear you say, well i dont care about that because i dont have mature content.

My point is that we have already a safe community and if Underagers are faking their way into the Main Grid then im glad they decide to hang about the Kid Av community playing hangman on the beach with people who look after each other rather than pretending to be an adult AV escorting in amsterdam.

If any resident told me they was underage in RW, then i would report them to Linden Lab, tell them ive had to report them and why, and then carry on giving them the respect i give all i meet in SL.

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