Monday, July 16, 2007

Goony Adventure - Land of the Greenies

So we set forth on another adventure, this time to the Greenies Sim. I cant express how kool this place was. I had seen some of the Greenies at SL4B and saw in the insider blog that there was a place devoted to them, so i got a gang together and on our bikes we headed over. Arriving there we had to cycle through a tunnel of dust and dirt.

Then once we emerged into the open air i watched as my fellow goonies stood open jawed at what they saw. "WOW WOOOOOOWWWW" and "OMG!!!" is all i could hear.

We ventured off into the huge room feeling even smaller than usual.

Met by Greenies at play we all had fun exploring along side them.

To gain a better scope of the size of this place i rezzed the Goony icarus and once everyone was on headed up into the room.

As we flew above the kitchen we could see other visitors scrambling over the appliances. I brought the icarus down for a fly by and we shouted andwaved at the confused residents.

Eventually i landed the ship and we all exited to explore the worktop. McKay rolled in Coke and then suger.

Then we braved the hot burning cooker hob!!

Everything about this place is so fun. it encourages you to explore and kid about.

Eventually we discovered a teleporting ball that energized us up to the mothership where i found a kewl Greenies Shirt and funky belt!!


Verde said...

Right on! Glad you guys made it by our home on your grid!

Check out some other photos on

Cu 'round! -- Verde

Greenies Home

Thea said...

Great shots! I need to go back, you discovered some Greenies' scenes that I haven't.


Esmeralda said...

Hey! Maybe I have seen you guys there when I was visiting Greenies. I remembered a gang with bicycles :-). Don't you just love that place!!!