Thursday, July 26, 2007


OK so i finished my part, built most of it :), so now its up to you lot to visit it on friday and over the next week :-)

Heres a sneak peek!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

GASP! its one of those infamous kid avs i read about on tv!

One of the day to day battles i have to endure as a Kid Av in Second Life is ignorant self righteous noobs and i'm sure you all do to. Yesterday i was messaged along with a few other SLC officers by a Noob who had witnessed "broadly offensive sexual ageplay" in a Sex zone she was visiting. She looked up the profile of the avatar and found the SLC group at the top of the list. She decided there and then that the SLC had to be pervert group. This is the kind of ignorant biggoted noob response that causes much of the drama you hear about Kid Av's. After explaining what our group was she either felt silly for not finding out more sooner, or is still out there preaching her lack of understanding of the Kid Av community.

Second Life is notorious for not being a good platform for expressing what stuff goes on here. There just is'nt a good way to find out. There needs to be a better directory of the community lifestyles here in SL, something that you can browse outside SL before you get in. Something that gives a better understanding of the communities in here, and what you can bring to SL, and what not to bring.

Second Life is no longer "your world your imagination", there is a large amount of communities here now. The message should be "their world, their imagination". Businesses are arriving to sell to "us" residents, to our "communities" of SL. So Instead of the Second life website showing what Second Life is, it could be Showing our communities, show noobs what we are doing here.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Relay For Life

Once again im busy busy busy in SL. No sooner have i finished one project then another one lands in my virtual lap. I've pretty much finished the Absinthe bar now, just need a few final touches like the loft and to fix some textures. Hopefully next month i can organise a propper opening party :).

Before i can open the Loki Absinthe Cafe i have another build to do before this week ends. I love to build new things in SL, and to do so you need places to build on and that can be costly. It's been great in the last couple of months as ive been able to do a lot of kool things for events and had some generous discounts from others.

Im currently working on a build for the New Babbage section of the Relay for Life. I designed a built which i felt would best describe what New Babbage and steam punk is. The Relay for life is a huge amount of sims, bigger than SL4B. There is a track which you can walk around the sims on exploring all the different builds as you walk. I've only got till thursday though, as my first life will be off live action role playiing on friday till sunday. So on friday make sure you take the relay for life walk and see what i and the other babbage volenteers hae built :-)

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


I turned up in SL thinking i was to help my brother Gemini with a meeting he had with what i could only assume was journalists. Plagued with Connection drop outs and rezzing difficulties i finally arrived at the Vortex club to a barrage of cheers, banners and balloons.

Turns out that my friends in Second Life had organised a party just for me. I was speechless to the point of tears in my eyes. Orange balloons and a big cake on an orange table, with a huge banner saying "SL kids love Loki", and so many people there. Some thought it was my birthday but i think the majority had come just to say thanx which was really kind of them.

Being in that situation is great for the ego, but you cant help wondering if you really deserve such attention, after all im no differnt from the rest of them, we are all struggling to have a presence in SL :-). Anyway i really appritiated theparty and had great fun eating cake, drinking kool aid and dancing about at my favourate club with SO many of my friends.

You all made a virtual boy very happy indeed :) SPIFFING! :-D

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

When will there be a Loki Sim!!!????.... well to be honest... never.

I'm always thinking about how great would be to have my own sim, create my own adventure island on my own terms, set up a village for all my friends to play, nemo beach but on a grander scale... I thought maybe next year, if my RW job was more secure, i could do just that. But i have been looking at the costs again and it's just rediculous. It would cost me £3772 for the first year of owning a Loki sim, for you yanks thats $7,682, and for you euro dudes thats €5,576. As big as i may seem in SL, i dont make much Lindens, barely enough to pay rent and in RW im a very small person on a less than average wage.

I've had offers to go partners into owning a SIM and as well as it works for a lot of people I dont want the preasure of not knowing if the partners will be loyal and pay up. I also dont wonna have to spend all my time worrying about residents on my SIM not paying up on time, chasing people for rent, constantly looking for people to come rent parts of the SIM just so i can pay the rent for the SIM every month.

I really wish it was cheaper, surly it dont have to cost as much as they are right now for a server and if only it felt like the money ws being used to imprve SL. The Last year has been a headache for SL, not worth the money if the viewer is so buggy they cant visit your SIM.

I want a SIM just so my friends can hang out with no worries, But to own a SIM you need to have a different mind set, you need to be thinking about making money, becasue its just so fukin expensive.

So it looks like the dream of a Loki island will stay a dream for a few more years at least untill thirdparty SIM hosting drives prices down.... that also is a dream that will stay a dream i think.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Goony Adventure - Land of the Greenies

So we set forth on another adventure, this time to the Greenies Sim. I cant express how kool this place was. I had seen some of the Greenies at SL4B and saw in the insider blog that there was a place devoted to them, so i got a gang together and on our bikes we headed over. Arriving there we had to cycle through a tunnel of dust and dirt.

Then once we emerged into the open air i watched as my fellow goonies stood open jawed at what they saw. "WOW WOOOOOOWWWW" and "OMG!!!" is all i could hear.

We ventured off into the huge room feeling even smaller than usual.

Met by Greenies at play we all had fun exploring along side them.

To gain a better scope of the size of this place i rezzed the Goony icarus and once everyone was on headed up into the room.

As we flew above the kitchen we could see other visitors scrambling over the appliances. I brought the icarus down for a fly by and we shouted andwaved at the confused residents.

Eventually i landed the ship and we all exited to explore the worktop. McKay rolled in Coke and then suger.

Then we braved the hot burning cooker hob!!

Everything about this place is so fun. it encourages you to explore and kid about.

Eventually we discovered a teleporting ball that energized us up to the mothership where i found a kewl Greenies Shirt and funky belt!!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Loki Absinthe Bar - New Babbage

Went to the local Ne Babbage Town Hall meeting to check out whats going on there and to announce the new Loki Absinthe Bar. Afew of my rag tagalongs followed me there to show support. Though the Mayor did mention to Rod not to leave grafitti on walls, naughty boy :-p.

The Absinthe bar is located next to the old Imperial theatre. It includes a bar with gallery room and a distillery round the back. For the Urchins of New Babbage there is a loft space that has secret entrance from the Urchins hideout accessable from planks high above the main street. Hope you all check it out sometime.

Im still working on sculpty glasses and bottles to sell in the bar.


Arrived at Nemo Last week to find a group building a makeshift catapult that with the help of a friend would throw you 300 metres into the air and into the next sim, well good :).

Sunday, July 08, 2007

The Loki Project List

Here is a list of projects i'd like to do but cant on my own. The list is for friends to look and and see if they can help me complete these projects :)

1) 1 prim horse poo. - This is sumfin i wonna do for new babbage, sculpted prim poo witch steams and makes a squeltch noise when walked over. **NEEDS SOMEONE TO SCULPT THE POO**

2) Wedgie attachment - An attachment which allows you to walk up behind sumone and offer them a wedgie. When they except they are animated as if getting a wedgie. **NEEDS A SCRIPTER**

3) Spitting Monsters - Monsters that spit acid an can cause dammage, but also can be shot. **NEED SCRIPTER**

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Underagers in Second Life

More and more people are coming to me with stories of residents stating Real World age being under 18. Linden Lab would like us to report anyone who is underage so they can deal with them. So my advice to anyone who feels they have evidence of an underager is to AR (Abuse Report) Linden lab attaching the evidence. After that its up to Linden Lab to deal with them and this does not mean you have to treat the accused badly from now on.

Some have told me how some residents continually admit to being underage, have AR's submitted about them and yet still are hanging around with no action being made by Linden Lab. I did contact Robin Linden about the case and i got a stern reply asking for ticket numbers of the reports filed.

Some are even starting to think these residents are hunters looking for other residents to STING.

So before this gets out of hand and we all start reporting each other, i want to express a few views i have on it and the future of Second Life.

Our community of Childlike Avatars have been striving for the last year to create a place for ourselves to feel safe. We saw the threat sexual ageplay had on portraying how we play Second Life and we all made great effort to change that, even before Linden Lab announced its new policies. The Majority of Child Avs from what i see aim to regain the innocence and simple life of childhood, games, friends, and adventures. It's in that goal that we have created a series of places that are known to us kid AVs as "SAFE ZONES" where no mature content is accepted.

Daniel Linden has said in an interview that eventually they would like to merge the teen grid with the main grid. To be able to do that first they will need to introduce Land Parcel Flagging that will prevent underage residents from entering mature areas with content not suitable. "They'll just fake their age" i hear you say, well i dont care about that because i dont have mature content.

My point is that we have already a safe community and if Underagers are faking their way into the Main Grid then im glad they decide to hang about the Kid Av community playing hangman on the beach with people who look after each other rather than pretending to be an adult AV escorting in amsterdam.

If any resident told me they was underage in RW, then i would report them to Linden Lab, tell them ive had to report them and why, and then carry on giving them the respect i give all i meet in SL.

Monday, July 02, 2007

LokiS pics

The Kids are back on the STREETS of New Babbage

So after the Crater Island bike ride we all got on our street urchin gear and visited New Babbage and its new canal district.

Exploring for a while we soon got bored and decided cause mischief by putting moustaches on statues and mugging random people for lindens.

So we all piled onto my hover kart and darted about the dark alleys looking for victims.

We were soon put in our place though when one lady told us we should not be out so late on a dark night. So we all legged it and hid from her in the dark theatre.

Goony Bike Ride

So out of the blue we just decided to have a bike ride around the Crater islands. It was spiffing, especially when we all got held up on the rope bridge hehehe.... You all gotta try it, its kool. Start from Hawkins village and ride alll th way around to Nemo Beach, it really is quite relaxing :)