Tuesday, May 29, 2007

News Skys above Nemo Beach!

Todaty the Linden State release a new first look with the new lighting and skys. It REALLY has made a difference to the way SL looks.... just look at these pics from my island...

Goony Adventure Video

Me and some others went on another adventure and found a park being griefed. So e hung out and had a go on the roundabout. Then headed off home... I MADE A VID WOOOO!!!!!

Monday, May 28, 2007


after months battling with real life work and lack of stability in SL i am pleased to announce the new Loki clothing and accessories Range. My Vendors at Nemo beach and Inner Child Depot have both been updated with new shops opening in Clown Town and Lego Land Mall very soon.

Saturday, May 26, 2007


here is a funny version of the pirate 3 traiers for all my goony friends :)

Goonies Pirate adventure 25 MAY

So I Captain Eliot of the great ship "SimCrusher" called out for Shipmates to join me on a mission of exploration and lootin. Press ganged into my crew was.Hearty Huppy, Deadly Dusan, Jimmy Me Lad, Terrible Travis, Killer Kellie and a few i forget. We set forth to the south passing the neihbours and entering unknown waters where a huge car factory was. Unfortunitly was not soon before we hit a full sim and had to abandon ship.

We managed to find a place where we could Rez the boat again and set off east toward a small group of green dots. after 4 sims with no troubles at all we hit land, beaching right infront of a group of blokes who turned to see a bunch of boys crash onto the beach shouting HEY YOU GUYS!!!!!.

So after we were ejected from that parcel we once again set off south and it was not long before the boat once again hit a full parcel.

We all managed to swim ashore to a small island that had a strange bird on it. Apon inspection we discovered it had come from anothe island that had HUGE robots on it spinning around.

After playing there for a bit we decided it was time to go home but this time I decided it would be quicker to go by Airship so i ressed the Icarus and we all hopped on.
We managed to get back with minor casulties.... YO HO!

Friday, May 18, 2007

Thank you everyone

Thank you everyone for your support this month with the Linden trading limit i had was suffering from. After two weeks i was sent an email by the lindens saying my trading grad had been changed to grade 1. What ever that meant , i am now able to sell my lindens so i will be able to pay the islands rents starting end of this month.
Thanx to all of you who donated towards the rent of the islands its much apreciated. I usually make just enough from my clothes shops to pay for the various projects i do in SL, but all your donations i will endevour to put to good fun use for you all to enjoy :-)
Thank you again and take care of each other :-D

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Article about Nemo Beach

Here is an article about Nemo Beach, ME and the SLC.... Its translated from french so reads a bit odd, but its kool. I does seem to sound Like my islands are the SLC witch they arnt. The SLC is a independant group that im simply a member of and work sumtimes for.

heres the article http://www.ldmag.com/en/post/2007/04/19/Nemo-Beach

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Loki not feeling good :-s

Just When Linden Lab appear to be fixing SL, they bring out an update to break it again, this is the eternal cycle of second life. Though the latest problem i have i dont think is a Bug.

I have been considering getting an entire sim to for my projects. Would be nice, just imagine it, a whole goony sim of adventures, free of neighbouring sims, full of crazy places to explore and have fun. Well i was almost convinced, i thought i could pay for half the sim each month from my realworld wages, and half from what i make in SL....... but then something has happend to make me rethink the project....

Linden lab have a thing called "billing and trading limits". Each month i cash out my lindens to add to my paypal account. This pays my rent for my current islands that i rent from Anshe Chung, not the cheapest way i know, but its the most conveniant for me. As much as you may think i make from my kids shops and DJ'ing, i usually only just make enough to cover the rent each month and if i dont hit my monthly targets i then have to put my hand in my real world bank account to pay.

This month i have not been able to sell my Linden dollers because for some yet unknown reason my "trading limit" has been ZERO'd which means i cant sell, which means i cant put my earnings into my paypal account, which means i cant pay my rent for the islands, which has meant ive had to delve into my RW bank account to pay for the rent.

I've tried requesting a review of my account to see if i can get this limit of ZERO lifted, ive tried 4 or 5 times via various support emails to contact the Linden Lab for any information to why ive been Zero'd. No answer, no explanation. The only person i could get any information from was Tateru Nino of secondlife insider who told me either they screwed it up, or im under fraud investigation. HA!

Anyway if im no longer able to make money from SL it will mean eventually i will have to give up the islands. I got the islands because i could sustain them with the credits made in game i cant keep on forking out the amount of rent needed to keep all the islands. Any ideas of owning a sim payed half by RW income and half SL income have gone, because Linden Lab have shown me that their system in place is not reliable enough. What would happen if i had a whole sim and then the lab Zero'd my "trading limit" i would have a huge amount to pay RW and would probably have to drop everything.

So im hoping that Linden Lab finally answer my calls and fix my problem soon because they are causing me stress in my real life now.
If anyone knows where i can contact a real Linden that will actually help me out, or any advice on where i can sell my Lindens to gain USD for my paypal account, i'd be greatful.

[UPDATE] I managed to find a Linden at help island, she was only there to sough out a griefer, but she did manage to to spare some time to advise me to ring linden lab..... ok... erm... thanx...

[UPDATE 10.6.07] Managed to get a reply back from Chadrick Linden..."[13:26] Chadrick Linden: You would need to contact support or billing to look into thaty". Well ive sent numurous emails to both billing and technical, yet to get a reply...

The BELTAINE Fire 2007

On Thursday after my DJ Show me and afew of my friends celebrated the time of Beltaine by parading up the Hill on Loki Island to Pans Garden where a wikerman had been built. This is the second year i have celebrated Beltaine in SL. The burning of the wikerman and the Beltaine fire symbolises the burning of the old and the rebirth of the year. A time when all that was cold and dark is cleared to give way to the sun and new crops, new life and fruitful desires :)

So to all those who came to watch the wikerman burn, may you all have be successful in the coming months and enjoy the month of may and all the feelings of joy it should bring :)

"We were there last night when the dark drew down:
we set the bonfires leaping.
Then we vanished in the heather and we couldn't be found
until the dawn came creeping."

"we've been up long before the day-o
to welcome in summer,
to welcome in the May-o...
the summer is a-comin' in and winter's gone away-o"

"May Day queens and Jacks in Green
radiate their goodwill faces
the solar lunar cycles smooth
the lavender blooms and
poetry wafts the fairies and
spirits of wood"

"healing rhythms of winters drain
celebrating spring and all her rain
this lion purrs and combs her mane
while you light a candle for this Beltane"

Thursday, May 03, 2007


Most of you know i have a DJ show at the vortex.... well now i have a kool POSTER!! WOOO HOOO!!!