Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Nemos first Griefer!

After watching battlestar galactica (which is amazing by the way) i found emails requesting my presance on Nemo beach as it had been set on fire. So i got on my best firemans hat and TP'd to nemo to find a couple of dudes who gave me pics of what had happend. Some dork called Peachies set fire to the place making it look like NAM then proceeded to cage people. One of my best friends Simba, called a Linden to assist in dousing the fire.
All was calm for a few hours untill i got another email saying Peachies had returned to Nemo, so i got on as quick as my router could and caught her caging residents. In the end i had to Ban her from all the islands after she disrespected me and my mates, BITCH!

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