Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Linden Policy

Its been nearly a week since i receieve that notorious note card from Chadrick Linden. When i first got it i thought hmmm ello ello wots all this then? - got in contact with Chadrick had him explain to me what it was about, realised he had no idea the community he was dealing with and no real idea how to word the policy in a way that would not confuse many of us.
I put distributed the card with the SLC group and waited for the influx in IM's and group chat to start. It was clear from the start that this "policy" was gonna be taken in so many different ways.

I hoped that i calmed everyone down and explainded that the card was no threat to members of the SLC. All Child Avs know that there is not just AGEPLAY, ageplay defines a type of roleplay that is to pretend to be a kid, in some cases some ageplay as OAP's. But in the Media and SL news Blogs they define Ageplay as roleplaying a kid sexually. The failure of Chadrick to know this has lead to many people and afew News Blogs thinking the new policy is LL banning all promotion of Ageplay community wether sexually explicit or not.

Im here to tell you that LL does not intend to ban or dictate the Child AV community. I had a good chat to Chadrick about his card and what it meant for my precious Islands. He said "there was no sexual material around".... you read that? NOTHING. I have a shop selling ready made Child AV's, clothes and accessories promoting the ageplay community and Chadrick said "there was no sexual material around" this was more than enough to convince me that this policey is aimed at those who promote the re enacting of child sex in SL. LL want to irradicate any visual referance to the promotion of Sexual Ageplay, that means no textures, no advertising, no floating text saying "get your jailbait here!"

here is what Chadrick said to me....

[14:11] Chadrick Linden: I dropped that on you as something we are sending to everyone who partakes in ageplay, but you aren't in any trouble or anything. I actually checked out sunrise region and there was no sexual material around
[14:12] Chadrick Linden: Also I learned from a friend of yours that you guys actually are against sexual ageplay
[14:12] Loki Eliot: yeh cos we dont approve of it
[14:12] Chadrick Linden: so, yeah, I didnt mean to worry you with the notecard but we had to drop it on you anyway. No worries
[14:12] Loki Eliot: yeh we are currently running a campaign to reduce that kinda thing
[14:13] Loki Eliot: are the lindens going to make an official announcment on the blogs?
[14:14] Chadrick Linden: Not on the blog, no. It's already known it's not allowed in SL, we are just addressing the issue of actually advertising ageplay and using it in search, ect.
[14:15] Loki Eliot: kool ok :) i'll make sure everyone knows, this is like a serious finger wag from the lindens, i think its great :)
[14:16] Chadrick Linden: awsome :) well thats for your support in speaking out against it
[14:16] Chadrick Linden: *thanks*
[14:16] Loki Eliot: yur welcome

It was nice to see that this particular Linden had seen the SLC campaign and realised we were already a community trying to reduce the Sexual side of ageplay.

So thats it really, if yur a Kid Av and you dont go to brothels specially made for Kid Avs and you dont own a place called JailBait or Boys hideout, then you have nothing to worry about, except maybe griefers and irrationalists who did not really understand what the policy is about.....

Carry on taking care of each other and keep playing :)

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