Wednesday, February 28, 2007

SLC Behaviour Awareness Campaign

Got a meetin gheld with the SLC offivers and a few Kid AV hostpost landowners to propose a new campiagn to make residents who play Kids in SL aware of their actions and how its percieved. Basically the same as i did last year but with more oompff. My bro and i had decided to relaunch a campaign due to the huge numbers of kid avs in SL now.

The campaign is based on an old character from my youth called Charly the cat who used to warn kids not to talk to strangers. We are useing him in SL to give advice to Kid AVs on ways to better behave. So far the idea has been met with good words :)
Never tried sumfin this big before as we're trying to get ALL the community involved, which is hard cos the community is a bunch of misfits hehehe.

We hope residents will think about how they roleplay in SL, a few basic rules and its better for everyone me thinks ;)

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