Sunday, February 11, 2007

Old Imperial Hideout Party!!

SO the party kicked off as planned and i was suprised with he ammount that trurned up, very cool, thank you all :). The muster started down in the actual theatre as no one really knew where the hide out was or how to get there. Once i thought we was all there i guided them to the hideout where we danced the night away on Absinthe, green fairies prancing around out heads. DJ Loki with help from brother Gemini privided Music suitable for the occassion which included some cool jazz, spiffing rock and contemporary dance.

At the end of the party the Street Urchins went on mass to explore the streets of New Babbage, causing mayhem and playing pianos.

All in all, a spiffing night and i cant wait to get the gang together again sometime :)

1 comment:

Alan said...

What's the absinthe like in secondlife? As good as REAL absinthe?

How do you drink it there? With sugar and spoon, I hope!