Saturday, February 24, 2007

Nemo and Hawkins bay, Spiffing place to be :)

recent weeks ive noticed ther is always someone at Nemo, this is Kool, im glad alot of you use the place as a home away from home :).

I've arrived to full on beach parties and there is often sumone roasting sumfin on the beach fire :)

I used to have the island as a damage zone allowing there to be peril to watch out for. I was going to have object on the island that would hurt you if you was not careful, bees that sting, plants that spit poison and zombies that puked acid. It never happend though. This was cool for a while but latley people have been coming to the island just to shoot things, and others have abused the freedom of the islands to grief other users becos of differences in opinions. So now Nemo Beach, Gypsy Cove, Hawkins bay and Loki Island are safe zones, leaving Steamhill the only damage zone full of zombies, so be careful ;)

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K said...

LOL is that what everyone was doing? I saw some kids bouncing, but I had no idea what it was :)

We love living next door. It's great to live someplace that's so beautiful and has so much going on.

Kathy Vox (aka SL Kid Katie Singh)