Sunday, December 31, 2006

Overlooking the Loki Empire

ive too much land now me thinks.. not sure how im gonna be able to keep up the rent,... just hav to wait and see. For those who've never seen before due to low computer paformance and crowded asset servers... here is a big overlooking picture of the Sunrise sim and its neighbours... :-)

New Woodland

Started on the western side of the new land. Next to the Old Mill is now Gypsy Cove and the new Torley woodland, named after SLChildrens favourate Linden. In the wood you may spot some deer, so be very quiet when you visit.

As soon as Christmas was over i got rid of that iceburg, yeh it was a good idea at the time, but it looked shit! Now ive started work on Hawkins bay and Hawkins village.
Hawkins village im hopeing will be a series of rentable beach huts for Kid AV's to live there. For a couple hundred linden a month residents own a hut, can have up to 200 prims in it and have one boat on the bay. Not sure if anyone will be interested but tis worth a go :).

Christma is Secondlife

Well this was my first christmas with my secondlife friends. Last christmas i did not really know many here, but htis christmas i have a whole heap of friends :), Merry Christmas to you all.

We had a special Night before Christmas party at the Vortex witch was spiffin, all in our PJ's ready for bed 2 days before Christmas day lol. We set up an Art Exhibition at the SLChildrens Youth Centre and i also finally moved steam hill to its new location oposite what will be Hawkings Bay.

Me and Gemini sat for ages drinking absinthe infront of the open fire in my Old Mill House. I have no idea where that monkey came from!

On boxing day i did a special boxingday DJ session at the vortex with a special Boxing theme. I made some special VORTEX boxing gloves for everyone to wear. Was a spiffing night.

Saturday, December 02, 2006


Well before i mention the Iceburg, i better mention the fact i have rented the island across from nemo beach. The Knew cove called "Little Hawkins Bay" is kinda an old Volcano crator with a ridge around it and a big expanse of water in it. Hopefully starting in the new year there will be a small Cabin village on a beach at the base of a hill with a pirate fort on top the hill. Across the expanse will be the new Steam hill where i shall be moving the Old Mine house and Mill. I also have plans on making a small gypsey area with caravans and mushrooms......

AT THE MOMENT the plans have been put on hold after an Iceburg floated in off sim and got stranded at Hawkins bay. The surrounding water has frozen making an interesting place to iceskate. There is also a walk way up the iceburg and hidden extras! How long it will take for the iceburg to melt i do not know :) :) so enjoy it while it lasts!


Finally i found some time to do a new range of clothes that i know my fans have been waiting for. After the recent copybot inccident, i decided to label all my clothes from now on with the loki logo becos a brand has a better chance of surviving copies. Or sumfin like that... cant remmebr.....ANYWAY, hope every enjoys the new products!!! :)

The Vortex just got better

In recent weeks the Vortex has become even more popular, just a few nights ago during my session the place was completely packed and with now sim crashes or griefer attacks, the place was busy right up to when i left. Was totally spiffing to see so many enjoying the music, and they wernt all kid AV's, there was residents af all shapes and sizes!!!!