Thursday, November 02, 2006

Building a Community

Since ariving in SL over a year ago now... wow a whole year of this crazy world.... i have watched and help a community grow, the community of Childlike players out to revisit their childhoods as a secondlife. Originally the Second Life Children Group founded by LILLIAN AND GEMINI was set up to unite the Kid Av's as one voice against residents who planned to ban players being Kids in a supposedly adult themed game. The SLC shouted out to the rst of the Main grid that not everything in SL had to be about BONKING and STRIPPING and KILLING and BONDAGE.

Since then the Group has grown to over 250 showing that there was a huge community of people playing kids. My shops also showed that there is a huge draw to being a kid again. Recently though the group had some internal difficulties and some even left the group. It was obvious that the current way the SLC was managed needed a shake up and with that in mind i proposed to the rest of the SLC officers a new specific building be built for all kids of SLC to come to for info on the best places to go to and advice on how best to behave without causing trouble.

In a weeks time the New Second Life Children Youth Activity Centre will open its doors officially. It is our hope that this will spear head the SLC as the MAIN group for kid AVs to join. We also hope the centre will become the No.1 spot for Kid AVs to hang out before going off to favourate clubs and Kid Safe hotspots........ We'll have to wait and see what happens :-)

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