Friday, May 26, 2006

Poo of an update

well the new update was a total waist of time for mac users. There are two serious bugs effecting SL, one is that mac uses on OSX previous to Tiger cant even log in. The second is when you rotate the cam the whole world freeezess. So pretty much unusable at the moment. Still managed to DJ at teh vortex though.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Take it Easy

A small break as the 1.10 update aproaches with its floppyness and radiant lighting. With all the shops moving about, DJ'ing and island building, i've hardly had a chance to hang out with my dearest friends in SL, Gemini, Redwolf, Austin and Edgar to name a few. I have also heard that i'm supposed to be quite a figurehead in SL in regards to Kid Av's, wether this is a good or bad thing i'll have to wait and see.... so i had a lil brealk yestaday with Edgar, sat in the club house chatting.

Now the updte has been released, its on with the creation of the summer range.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Being a kid in Secondlife

After all that had happend about Kids AVs and the CNET news report on child abuse in SL, me and Gemini thought it would be a good idea to send out an awareness notecard. It would highlight the concerns about Kids AV's and give some tips for newbies on good pointers of how to behave in SL less they wonna keep out of trouble.

The notecard was as follows,

"Being a Kid In Second Life

by Loki

This is a notecard to be passed between all friends who live their second lives as Kid AV's in SL.

Since arriving in Secondlife i have tried many aspects of living as a kid in SL. I've learnt that even though Second Life opens up endless possibilities to explore things that would not be possible in the real world, common sense and respect for others moralistic views and beliefs should still be considered.

There has recently been attacks on some of my friends who have been accused of being involved with certain activities. Although the allegations were untrue it was a powerful example of how some people can cause so much trouble and discomfort by shouting the word CHILD ABUSE. Legally nothing is wrong, there are no children in SL and there is no abuse and Linden know this. But saying that, Linden still get grief from Idiots who want to ban Child AV's.

Because of this I ask you to be a little more considerate of what you do with you Secondlife as a Kid AV. We are not really kids so its easy to get carried away with another resident you become very fond of.

1, respect other residents view of you. they see you as a kid, and may freak out seeing a kid indulge in adult activities.

2. Groups promoting "ageplaying" what ever you perceive the meaning to be will be a target for anti ChildAV campaigns.

3. Places designed for indulging in Kid AV adult activities is a real dumb idea, especially if you promote it in classifieds

4. By being a kid in SL you are joining the Kid AV community, and therefore what you do in SL reflects on all of us. We dont want to be branded as Sickos just because a few Kid AV's got front page news on sum shitty CNET article.

These are NOT rules, im just informing you of the current situation in SL regarding Kid AV's and suggesting some ways to make it easier for ourselves and Linden.
Hope you all have a fun time in SL, take care of each other...."

So far everyone has responded well saying that it was a good thing to discuss and take note of. I hope it makes the Kid AV community stronger and more aware of the current issues involved with being a Kid in SL.

Shop woes

Just when i thought all me shops were sorted and i would not have to worry about em for a bit, the West Indies trading island where my main shop is decides to remodel. This means all me stuff gets returned to me and i have to put it back in a shop that probably will look worst. Its the BAIN of all shop renters. I used to have a shop at the Garden of Eden shopping Mall, but the owner kept remodelling almost everyweek so i though fuk that and left without getting me money back. I also used to have a shop at Clown Town, that got remodeled, then they hiked the price up and i refused to pay and left.

Anyway, now that i have a main store on my own land at the Goonies Clubhouse, i'll at least have one shop that i dont have to worry about.

Had a great party last friday. Many visited and after me and a couple of others spent the aftermath on the beach just chatting... was indeed a sweet night....

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

New Goony Club House

Been working hard on the new Goonies Club house. It was decided that since so many friends and visitors now appear on Loki Island, that a better place was needed to hang out. Rather than fitting everyone into my lil island cabin, i built a large club house filled with big tables and Goonies memorobillia. It also houses my newest shop.

Its not quite finished yet, but i hope it'll be a great meeting place for the Goonies and their friends.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

New Island NAMED

I finally settled on a name for the 3rd Loki island... "Nemos Beach" will be a small place with big open water for fun relaxing beachy type stuff to do. On it ive already built a spiffing lighthouse and started construction of the Goony lodge.

In the Lodge i hope to have my Avatar Boys shop as well as over Loki Island bits and bobs.

Had a great time the night before at the Vortex. Gemini had DJ Saucey playing live and there was a fancey dress competition. I hope to DJ ive at Vortex soon.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Beltaine wikerman

Finally had a pirate party that did not end abruptly. Ater dancing around getting merry on the new island i had recently aquired, we went to the top of Loki Island and set fire to the Wickerman. Afterwoulds we all drank more......

Happy Beltaine, may yur summer be fruitful.....

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The Fate of BOOB Island!???

Everyone who has visited Loki island will no doubt have seen and stood open mouthed at Boob island next door. The Iconic BLOTT on the Sunrise sim. Its now up for sale and ive seen some people taking a look, then flying off in a hurry.
I have decided that i may rent the island myself once i raise a few more linden.. hope no one buys it before then... Question is.. do i keep the BOOBS!??

ADDED : I did infact decided to rent boob island, hope to make it into a lovley beah cove :)

Gem the lil Chior boy

Gemmy is now my very own lil brother in SL, which is kool cos i luv him very much. He had always wanted a special taylored Vienna Boys Chior outfit, so i made him one at last :-)

A Fateful Party At Loki Island

Had a Party last friday. I Cool Pirate Party. All was going well untill i noticed sumone had put 25 objects on my island. That along with Gems Lights and dancefloor filled my island up.... so i went to retuen the unknown objects but pressed the wrong button it seemed, POOF, the whole island dissapeared.... ending the party abruptly...

Anyway i got the island back up to scratch now and bought a new tire swing.. sweeeeeeeetttt, cant wait to have another party :-)

Hanging out as a kid in SL

So yeah, being a Kid in SL aint easy. My friend Austin and his mates got asked to stay away from a beach becos they had a complaint from an irrationalist. So many adults in here wonna kick me and me mates off their sims just cos we are Kid AV's. The one thing thats invading Second Life is not Christianity, not saddams regime, not al kieida or communism, not christmas, not the american dream, not hollywood and definitly not Georges Bush. So what is it??.. Its Irrationalisim, and with it, its best mate Ignorance.

Its as if some people think the only reason to come into Second Life is to have Cybersex and to see kids walking about the place is EVIL and abusive. Some have even gone as far as start campaigns to have Linden change SL so that we cant live out our second childhoods. There have even been News reporters going around asking wrong questions from the wrong people looking for the wrong things to bigup their yawning excuses for journalisim.
And thats the problem with second life, people come in here with their tv generated ideas of what black and white should be, when most well travelled internet surfing dude will know that once yu get passed the faces of AOL, MSN and yahoo, you end up in a world of many shades. irrationally you can look at a swastika AS EVIL AHHHGGHHHH WE MUST NOT HAVE IT ON ANYTHING IN SECOND LIFE!!!!! rationally you would know that its just a symbol, one thats been used for hundreds of yeahs for lots of different reasons and is still used by sum cultures not for EVILL ARGHHHH!!!!!. So why arnt people being rational about Kid AV's?
well the problem lays with them actually, not the Kid AV, and its not really their fault. In a way its the responsability of the KID AV to watch what they are doing and not to disturb anyone that might not be used to the idea. Its not typical in western culture to see two kids engaged in sexual acts. but it does happen.... if yur any typical person and think back to yur young life yu'll remember what it was like the first time, how fun it seemed, how embarresing. So here we are at another POINT to make..... Who are the AV kids and why do they relive childhood in SL... I do not hear anyone asking this!!!
Its irrationaly asumed Kid AVs are sex fiends and i wont go as far as to say noone is playing a KID AV to live out fantasies they have. In SL everything is played out, yur worst nightmares.
Ok here we are at the final point to make. Linden wont take away our freedom to be kids in SL, to do that would mean to take away freedom from the WHOLE Second Life community, becos they wont be alowed to stop there. The pressure from irrationalists will grow to envelope Beastiality and the furry communities, the re enactment of KILLING each other will have to go, surely the shooting games promote KILLING. Goran, slavery must go, MY GOD i thought America had abolished all forms of slavery....... woooooaahhhhhhhhh hold on, let me get my rational thinking cap back on... its not real, none of it is.... to ban anything in SL created by its residents is an attack on that well used american phrase "freedom of speech"

Friday, May 05, 2006

DJ Loki, LIVE at the Vortex

Had a great time last night at Club Vortex. Its such a well designed Club, not tacky. Its well spaced and dark like a real club.
I tend to play alot of dance music such as techno and trance as im told thats wot alot of residents like.
Most of my friends were there, Austin, Gemini, Geoff and alot of new friends who havent really figured out what they are doing in SL :-)
Hope to have an island party friday night....

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Steam Hill Island

The plot of land next to was being looked at by many people but never bought so i eventually decided i would rent it as well as my current island and built a long bridge between the two. This new island would go with the theme Steampunk. Steampunk is a fantasy genre that is picking up alot more interest these days. The idea is if victorians had better knowlage of science would they crate space ships run on steam.

So i made a giant steam castle at first on top the hill but it slowed everything down and used to many prims. So i scrapped that and settled with an old chimney mine house where my labratory is and designer table.

At the bottom of the hill is an old water mill with rotating wheel. Inside ive furnished it with comfy chairs, fire and bottle of absinthe mmmmmmmm....

On the beach is an open air cinema for my Goonie friends to watch films on. Also hope in the future to make a loki express train that will go around the island.

Loki's Island

I've rented an Island in SL from the Anshe Chung empire.OS far its been very kool. My island is small but comfortable and i have parties witht he other Goonies on it. It has a waterfall, a secret cave, bees, a tree house, and a cove to sail my boat in. I bought a boaght from Mannie a real kool ship builder. Its called H.M.S Gunner, named after my grandfather. The whole island has a kool 1920's beach paridise feel to it.

Loki's Avatar Boys

I own a shop in SL, infact i own a chain of 3. Lokis Avatar Boys was set up becos when i looked for clothes for boys in SL i could not find any. Infact i was told there was a real lack of boys clothes in SL. So i started up my first shop in The West Indies Pirate trade village and have had a shop there ever since. I first met Gemini and Kriss in that shop. Since then ive opend a store in Inner Child Depot, and Clown Town. There was a store in Garden of Eden Mall untill the owner of the mall started remodeling his land 3 times in a month.

The clothes sold well and i decided to move on to other things like sounds, animations and complete AV packages. Soon i hope to start on new range of clothes and accesories like hats and Bags.

My Friends

Ive made some spiffing friends in SL, heres a sum up of some of my faves.

Redwolf i met as a wolf. Since then we became chums and i really love him, hes well kool. He thought i was cute as a boy and asked me to make him a Boy AV. Now i usually only see him as a kid. We have had some funny adventures. One time we sneaked into a strip bar in amsterdam. we ran out giggling then Red kissed me behind a big statue. That wasa kool day. He made a treehouse on my Island.

Gemini is like my koolest lil brother in SL. He runs a big club and even though he gets real worried about nasty people after him, he's always got a wiked sense of humour. I love him dearly as he makes me laugh so much sometimes :-)

Chief moved in next door to me. He's a Seal and really cool at scripting. Hes like the Uncle to all the goonies. He's got himself an entire Sim now so will be moving away. I'll miss popping over the river to see wot he's up to.

I have alot of friends in SL and often hold parties for them and those that i allow into the Goonies gang. I'm making new friends everyday.

Over the months

I have been hanging around IN SL for a couple of Months now. At first i thought 'WOW what a great place, full of great crazy wyrd people'. The more i walked about the more i wanted to see as i started to realise almost anything could be created there.

This post is to get you all up to spead on what i did when i first arrived. The first thing i had to do was create an AV for myself and i subconsciously went for sumone short and young. That was the first step into realising how secondlife is a projection of yur inner self. So here I am, Loki Eliot a short looking lad with long blond hair, freckles and a blue shirt. Made me wonder if i was in the MATRIX would i look like a kid, Anyway....

It did not take me long to change my shirt to Orange as thats my fave colour. I explored and saw sum real kool things like giant trees, and klingon battle ships, as well as the seedy side of SL with its red light allyways of amsterdam, gay bath houses and dungeons full of machinary and naked chained flesh. It was then i realised how free and wide of genre SL was.

Even the people there are varied and sumtimes bizzare. Ive met furries, invisibles, pirates, aliens, anything that could be thought of is here in SL.

After a while thought i found my feet, met some people who seemed to be like mself and i finally se to work on trying out clothes designing and renting an island........