Sunday, December 31, 2006

Overlooking the Loki Empire

ive too much land now me thinks.. not sure how im gonna be able to keep up the rent,... just hav to wait and see. For those who've never seen before due to low computer paformance and crowded asset servers... here is a big overlooking picture of the Sunrise sim and its neighbours... :-)

New Woodland

Started on the western side of the new land. Next to the Old Mill is now Gypsy Cove and the new Torley woodland, named after SLChildrens favourate Linden. In the wood you may spot some deer, so be very quiet when you visit.

As soon as Christmas was over i got rid of that iceburg, yeh it was a good idea at the time, but it looked shit! Now ive started work on Hawkins bay and Hawkins village.
Hawkins village im hopeing will be a series of rentable beach huts for Kid AV's to live there. For a couple hundred linden a month residents own a hut, can have up to 200 prims in it and have one boat on the bay. Not sure if anyone will be interested but tis worth a go :).

Christma is Secondlife

Well this was my first christmas with my secondlife friends. Last christmas i did not really know many here, but htis christmas i have a whole heap of friends :), Merry Christmas to you all.

We had a special Night before Christmas party at the Vortex witch was spiffin, all in our PJ's ready for bed 2 days before Christmas day lol. We set up an Art Exhibition at the SLChildrens Youth Centre and i also finally moved steam hill to its new location oposite what will be Hawkings Bay.

Me and Gemini sat for ages drinking absinthe infront of the open fire in my Old Mill House. I have no idea where that monkey came from!

On boxing day i did a special boxingday DJ session at the vortex with a special Boxing theme. I made some special VORTEX boxing gloves for everyone to wear. Was a spiffing night.

Saturday, December 02, 2006


Well before i mention the Iceburg, i better mention the fact i have rented the island across from nemo beach. The Knew cove called "Little Hawkins Bay" is kinda an old Volcano crator with a ridge around it and a big expanse of water in it. Hopefully starting in the new year there will be a small Cabin village on a beach at the base of a hill with a pirate fort on top the hill. Across the expanse will be the new Steam hill where i shall be moving the Old Mine house and Mill. I also have plans on making a small gypsey area with caravans and mushrooms......

AT THE MOMENT the plans have been put on hold after an Iceburg floated in off sim and got stranded at Hawkins bay. The surrounding water has frozen making an interesting place to iceskate. There is also a walk way up the iceburg and hidden extras! How long it will take for the iceburg to melt i do not know :) :) so enjoy it while it lasts!


Finally i found some time to do a new range of clothes that i know my fans have been waiting for. After the recent copybot inccident, i decided to label all my clothes from now on with the loki logo becos a brand has a better chance of surviving copies. Or sumfin like that... cant remmebr.....ANYWAY, hope every enjoys the new products!!! :)

The Vortex just got better

In recent weeks the Vortex has become even more popular, just a few nights ago during my session the place was completely packed and with now sim crashes or griefer attacks, the place was busy right up to when i left. Was totally spiffing to see so many enjoying the music, and they wernt all kid AV's, there was residents af all shapes and sizes!!!!

Monday, November 20, 2006

The Thing!

I was telling Gemini about a youtube that showed a bottleneck of new residents being born and how scary it looked as they piled into the lil start island. So many are signing up its just overwhelming the grid. Gemini then showed me a pic he took a few days ago after the grid went down, of him and ALOT of others trying to get back onto the grid. It appears that evryone rezzed at once in the same place and got stuck all meshed together like some freakish creature from the film THE THING!.

At the moment SL is the most unstable its ever bin with at least one problem with the grid every two days. Everything is slow, jurky and unreliable.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

The names Loki, DJ Loki

had a very succesful Bond themed DJ session today. The themed sessions always do well.

Copybot Tuesday

Oh my lord wot a week.....
Ive been trying to get my new range ready for release end of week but all of a sudden Secondlife has its own 9/11 in the form of COPYBOT!!!!!!!

This Bot copys anything attached to a person, the entire thing, clothes attachments boy and skin.... This freaked everyone out and shops closed all over SL. The linden doller incresed from 274 to 281 per doller overnight. A Security bot was quickly distrributed to prevent copying of store items but everywhere grinded to a hult becos the security bot had a badly written script that caused massive lag.

most of the shops have opened now including mine, becos the reality has dawned. I cant stop the bot, but i can sure make it harder to copy my gear. Im lucky because i have a well know brand and a loyal community who i trust.

Tonight i DJ at the Vortex with a bond theme, then later i hope to go along to the Phillip Linden Keynote speach after, and see how many protesters turn up. There are alot of rumours and conspiricies floating around, one that i know of is that LibSL who created the bot were told by Linden to go ahead and create the code.... Not only that, but a member of LibSL (or associate of) called Baba was caught saying "the creation and deployment of CopyBot was deliberate, planned and malicious."

Secondlife truely is the best game ive ever played, yu dont get this much drama and conspiricy in other games!!!!! - ))

Thought the game all changes here, and its more important than ever to have a succesful brand in SL.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


so yup its happend its officially open...
A few of the more notoreous Kids turned up and there was a few that i had never met which was nice. i gave a long speech
and for those that missed my LONG speech and wonna hear it....

Even though the lag from the recent update made things a lil difficult everyone had a spiffing time i thinik and more where turning up even as i left. Wether the new SLC youth activity centre will be popular, only time will tell.... for me its now time to start on a new range for my shops....

Thursday, November 02, 2006


So its hallows eve again in Secondlife. It seems that Halloween is celebrated as much as christmas in Secondlife with most places full off Pumpkin prims, i even had ghosts moaning in the goonies clubhouse.
Did a special hallows eve DJ session at the Vortex which was great as it was quite packed with people wearing many different costumes.

Later i visited a haunted house with was actually very spooky, very Silent hill like suspence with traditional bumps and screams and crying babies... SHUDDER!!!....

Anyway thats over, roll on Christmas!

Building a Community

Since ariving in SL over a year ago now... wow a whole year of this crazy world.... i have watched and help a community grow, the community of Childlike players out to revisit their childhoods as a secondlife. Originally the Second Life Children Group founded by LILLIAN AND GEMINI was set up to unite the Kid Av's as one voice against residents who planned to ban players being Kids in a supposedly adult themed game. The SLC shouted out to the rst of the Main grid that not everything in SL had to be about BONKING and STRIPPING and KILLING and BONDAGE.

Since then the Group has grown to over 250 showing that there was a huge community of people playing kids. My shops also showed that there is a huge draw to being a kid again. Recently though the group had some internal difficulties and some even left the group. It was obvious that the current way the SLC was managed needed a shake up and with that in mind i proposed to the rest of the SLC officers a new specific building be built for all kids of SLC to come to for info on the best places to go to and advice on how best to behave without causing trouble.

In a weeks time the New Second Life Children Youth Activity Centre will open its doors officially. It is our hope that this will spear head the SLC as the MAIN group for kid AVs to join. We also hope the centre will become the No.1 spot for Kid AVs to hang out before going off to favourate clubs and Kid Safe hotspots........ We'll have to wait and see what happens :-)

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Vortex Moved

Was wyrd to appear at Kesalle only to see an empty hole where the Vortex used to be. Not to threat though, as it had only moved to Clown Town... and then after a day or so, moved to Technocity where it enjoys a drama free atmosphere.... except next door a huge pile of poo of a club has been built with an aquatic theme. Supposed to be sea shells and beaches, like a sickly mess of finding nemo and disneys lil mermaid. In the end it just looks like an empty bath tub, will be interesting to see how lon it stays.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

New Computer

I have aquired a new iMac 24" with spiffin graphics card, SL runs soooo Smooth im happy happy... to celebrate i made a small vid of me on my island :).....

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The StarGate

There is now a Star Gate in the secret underground cave behind the waterfall to access gates all over SL verse

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Pirate Party GARHHH!!!!

So we finally had another Pirate party at my islands. I set up a GHost for everyone to party on, looked quite kool. Lots a people came.

There was lots of Mead and i rezzed a kool pirate baloon to fly over the clubhouse, but it later fell over crushing the clubhouse DOH!!.

My little brother Gemmy seemed a bit out of it to begin with as he had lost some huge speakers from his inventory then later he got killed by Austin.

It was just a bit of fun though and the two later made up when we went on to a Pirate pub,. Thats where i left the guys,... dunno wot they got up to after.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Back to School DJ Session was SPIFFING!

last night i DJ'd at the Vortex again. Decided to try sumfin new and had a themed evening and also did my first live speaking dj'ing which Gemini's been buggin me to do for ages. The theme was back to skool and i decided to give away my Skool uniform for free. Was a great night, lots came to say hi, was real sweet :) Thanx eveyone for a great night :) :)

Friday, September 01, 2006

SLC Scultpture

To help Gemini out and for all my friends to hang around i built a sculpture for the SLC. I hope it wiil be a meeting place for all the kids in SL and hope promote the SLC group.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Been Gardening

Finally found some time to do a bit of gardening on the islands with some good old fexiprim plants. Most gardening was done on Nemo beach where i totally replanted with new palm trees and bushes. On Loki Island i planted more flowers, poppies and fox gloves on top the island.


Geminis got a few problems with DJ's dissapearing and being unreliable, so i've made an extra effort to DJ even when i dont entirley feel like it. But once i get on with it and the friends atart appearing and enjoying the music, i know its always worth while.

Its got to the point where i only come onto SL to DJ cos i dont have much time anymore to play. Sometimes i come on and still have the Vortex DJ tag on from last DJ session!!!

Friday, July 28, 2006

Last night Vortex session was BLAST!!

Thursdays are usually quite crap for me, but last night was the best ever. So many turned up through out the night it was spiffing. Organising with Gemini to let me have a vendor there in future. He's finally moved it to an island and hopefully this will make things speedy there as long as people dont wear dodgey scripts.

Also been talking about the possible treasure hunt party, might even have a LIVE band playing... just gotta check with the Neighbours to make sure they wont mind the noise and lag.

Sunday, July 23, 2006


Well the neighbours must have read the Clubhouse message board as they have totally changed their island, its more tropical and compliments the surrounding islands. The water ways are still abit narrow, but its all looking good now :) - they have even rented off a bit for a group of tinnies which is cool cos its real fun seeing them zipping about on sped rafts :)
So the chi has been restored to my islands, and i should reall thank them at sum point for doing a good job :)

Battlefield Secondlife

I've not had much time to be in Secondlife this last month, but with all that i read on the forums and hear from Gemini it's probably for the best. Terrible updates, roll backs and exploiting griefers have meant that SL has not been the best of metaverses. Its a shame that SL has become bugged to metahell so soon after the third birthday, and the discomfort of many residents about the new non verification sign ups has not helped when the SL client starts springing up fatal Bugs.

My Brother is having a spate of bad luck with the vortex too, with Streams going down, and nuke attacks on the club. I've come across some who feel he has Banned them unjustly. Perhaps i should give him a talk before he makes to many enemies in the community we've been trying to help.

On the Shop front im doing better than last month rolling over a spiffing profit. The wrist bands sold really well so ive made a new batch, and due to demand, they will be modifiable. Along side these i will be releaseing a new Steam punk range of products, seperate fromt he Loki Boys brand. This is due to my side interest in steam punk themes. I can often be seen dressed up like oliver with a steam powered backpack exploring the horizons and visiting Caloden. I miss the good ol days of just exploring. I probably visit just 4 places whenever i go on SL, there are THOUSANDS of other places to explore...

Anyway i better start making the track list for tommorows DJ session at the Vortex, Hopefullt the stream will be up and peple will come cos last thursday sucked :-p

Sunday, July 02, 2006

All the new things

Sales were up last month, although the change of the land at Tanguna West Indies has ment that the shop there is now the least visited putting into question if i should have a shop there at all. Tis their own fault thinking they are the ones who draw the customers. Fact is its the shops and those who run the shops. I advertised the west indies as my main shop. As they remodelled i was forced to link everyone to the clubhouse shop, which has now become the main store leaving west indies in the shitter.

It was Secondlifes 3rd birthday last month too. At the birthday island i saw a kool Secondlife Kids stand showing pics of mostly gemini :-p I have been asked to be an officor of the main Kids group of SL which i am honored... yet to know what it means to be an officor though.

Geminis Club is still going, he always seems worried about sumfin, but he'll get through it, he has enough friends to support him through anything.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


So i have a new neighbour. Its been a while since Cheif left and now i really miss him becos the new Neighbour seems to be ignoring his surroundings. I suppose it cant be helped, not everyone has a good sense of realism in the Metaverse. Great thing about Chief is he saw my island and terraformed his to fit in. It felt like his and my islands were part of the same volcanic formations.

Perhaps this new guy is still working on it, but at the moment it looks like hes just terraformed to take advantage of as much space as possible, raising his land high above the water RIGHT up to my borders. Looks like a badly designed level of Tomb Raider.

Its almost as if hes trying to Block my islands out of his view.